Qi gong to Fall Asleep

  1. Knees to chest, lying on back to 1 min. Breathe 5 times
  1. Lying legs straight, breathe in while placing hands above head. Breathe in through nose, out through mouth
  1. Make fists; place both fists above the Kidneys (or as high up as comfortable), take 3 breaths. Continue down the spine to the tailbone.(when you get to the waist and below, it’s 5 breaths instead of 3)

4.   Put both hands at uterus area (below the navel). Breathe deeply 5 times.

5.   OPTIONAL: Go face down for 1 min.  

If you do this frequently, you will find that you fall asleep before even finishing the set of postures…and you’ll sleep more deeply.