Acupuncture For Health, Healing and Inner Peace

Welcome! I am committed to helping you resolve the physical issues that interfere with fully living, and reduce the emotional load that is affecting your health, as these are intimately linked. For over 27 years I have been providing skilled, compassionate care to every patient. At the first visit, I make a wholistic assessment of your condition according to Chinese Medical theory, based on a detailed health history and my observations of your present condition. I then create a treatment protocol that is uniquely formulated for you. I schedule ample time at each visit so I can provide the highest quality care, and adjust the treatment as needed.

I see this space as a sanctuary where you can open to a new way of feeling and being, and fully enjoy life!

     Peace,      Marie

Acupuncture is helpful for the following issues:


anxietyThere are different types of anxiety and they manifest and are treated differently. For example, generalized anxiety, phobias, panic attacks or anxiety related to a specific challenging event can all be helped with acupuncture. Protocols and length of treatment will vary with each  individual.

Sleep Disorders

insomniaBy helping to reduce nervous tension and balancing the function of internal organs, acupuncture can bring more harmony to the body and mind, thereby improving the quality of sleep. How we experience and walk through our day will affect our ability to sleep well or deeply. Several organs affect our sleep; for example, a restless and unsettled heart can cause us to have difficulty falling asleep; stagnation in the Liver can cause us to move restlessly in bed and wake up agitated.

Menstrual Issues

menstrual-issuesChinese medicine has a very sophisticated approach to women’s health issues. Irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, amenorrhea all can be very effectively be treated with acupuncture. An individualized diagnosis and  approach is needed, and depending on the condition, we often see significant improvement within the first 4 to 6 weeks of treatment.

Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs 

Classical acupuncture can be a powerful ally for people in recovery. It can support a new way of seeing oneself and the choices we are making. After acupuncture, people often feel energized and empowered to make the necessary changes to live a life free of this disease. 12 Step Programs are always recommended as a central part of recovery.

Weight Control

weight-lossAcupuncture, along with dietary changes, is very effective in helping people lose weight. Coupled with Chinese dietary therapy, the treatments can help curb excessive appetite by regulating the function of the stomach; it helps alleviate obsessive-compulsive tendencies and stress, and  regulates metabolism. Our intention here is to improve the patient’s state of health. When the body is brought into balance, excess fat and bloating will diminish naturally. With people who struggle with binging, our protocols support having a healthier relationship to their body and improved self-esteem.

Hot Flashes

hotflashesHormonal changes at menopause can cause women to experience these dramatic fluctuations in body temperature. The hormonal system is considered a deeper or Yin aspect of the physiology. Acupuncture can support the hormonal system and the Yin, thereby helping lessen or eliminate hot flashes over time. Strengthening the Yin however is not a “quick fix”. It often takes 6 weeks to 3 months to begin to see changes when treating menopausal symptoms.

Hormonal Imbalance

hormonal-issuesThe hormonal system constitutes an aspect of the Yin (or deeper physiology). Acupuncture can bring that system into balance, by supporting the proper communication between all components of the endocrine system, removing blockages, and regulating function.  Acupuncturists use a different language and diagnosis methods than Western physicians; we believe that restoring the healthy and harmonious function of the organs will powerfully affect the endocrine system.

Chronic Fatigue

fatigueChronic fatigue can, again, be caused by many factors. Improper lifestyle habits, overwork, inadequate exercise, emotional stress are often major factors. Unresolved pathogens can burden the immune system and cause lethargy, as in the case of Epstein-Barre…  Acupuncture can support the body’s immune system and help strengthen organs that have become weakened or stagnant. It can reduce nervous tension and restore function. 


headachesThere are many types of headaches; they can be caused by neck tension, digestive problems, stress, blood deficiencies, sinus issues, hormonal issues, etc…. Acupuncture can help regulate all these systems, and in most cases, alleviate the headaches. Upledger CranioSacral therapy can be very helpful here in addition to acupuncture, by gently and non-invasively addressing tensions inside the brain and spinal chord, as well as ligaments and tendons.

Neck & Back Pain

backachePain occurs when the circulation is blocked in the meridians. This can happen because of chronic tension (due to stress, repetitive use or improper postural alignment); it can also be caused by trauma or structural issues (bone and cartlidge). I’ve found that Acupuncture, along with manual manipulation (massage, myofacial release, CranioSacral therapy, stretching), can almost always eliminate pain by releasing the tension and restoring proper circulation.


quit-smokingOne acupuncture treatment will dramatically reduce or eliminate cravings for cigarettes. This is a very special protocol which I’ve been fortunate to learn. No matter how long or how many packs/day the patient is smoking, this treatment works in 80% of patients. The result is immediate and quite dramatic.

Difficulty Concentrating

difficulty-concentratingChinese Medicine considers mental concentration to be a function of the Digestive system; it falls under the auspice of the Spleen and Pancreas. Acupuncture along with dietary recommendations can dramatically improve one’s ability to concentrate, as well as memory. We know that children who eat too much sugar, for example,  will improve in their ability to concentrate in school when they cut the sweets out of their diets.

Pediatric Acupressure & CranioSacral Therapy

baby-massgeChildren of all ages can benefit from Acupressure and CranioSacral therapy. Small children respond quite quickly and powerfully to intentional touch. Marie has treated kids successfully for colic, ADHD, anxiety and behavioral problems. Children who have suffered birth or other trauma often respond well to a combination of acupressure and CranioSacral therapy. Children with Autism or Asperger’s syndrome have been known to benefit significantly from a combination of acupuncture treatment and dietary changes.