I absolutely love Marie,  I suffer from anxiety,  depression,  I am a recovering addict and I was also anorexic when I first started seeing Marie.  Into 2013 I was really messed up in the head, I needed to be saved, helped. So that’s Exactly what she did, She helped me so much.  If it wasn’t for other sessions I could speak to her for hours.  Her soul is so uplifting and beautiful,  her hugs feel warm and nice.  You know she’s a great woman there’s no doubt about it. I tell everyone I know about her because she’s changed my life for the best.  She makes me want to heal other people which I will. And one day I’ll be proud at what I do.  Being healthy is very important and she has it all going ok. She knows what to do. She’s the best. I love her! Natalia Stone

I came to find Marie due to a foot injury. My doctor said there was a chance I would need surgery. Marie helped me heal the broken bone in my foot and also taught me about other ailments that acupuncture can help with. To my surprise, acupuncture has not only helped my foot, but also helps my emotional well being. Marie is a very special soul and true healer! I am forever grateful to her. Bridgid Zimerbort

My experience with Marie has been life changing. She has brought so much healing into my life, ive become a more positive, balanced person and ive never felt so connected to my true self. She is a true soul and special person. Be patient and open through the process, it is well worth it! Sarah Z.

Marie is a gem.  She offers a wealth of knowledge about good health habits and really helped me with my chronic health issues. Jeannie R.

I met Marie in 2015 in Long Island, NY at an event called the Navel Fair. I was introduced to acupuncture through her although I had been thinking about it for some time. I am glad that I chose Marie. Her sessions are relaxed and unhurried, she is always willing to explain the treatment and to answer questions. I find it quite interesting. She told me that she has a desire to continue learning and I feel that her clients benefit from it. I will sum up by saying that I feel very “cared for” while working with Marie. C.F.

“I went to Marie when I sprained my knee ligament.  Everything I did was painful from standing to walking. Marie took time with me to not only address my knee pain but assessed my overall health.   After the first session, I noticed a dramatic lessening of pain as I went up and down my stairs. With each treatment, my mobility was much better and less and less pain and I had more energy. I am grateful to have found Marie. I highly recommend her.”     –  Lori Klein, Intuitive energy healer

Marie is the only person who was able to help me with a lingering muscle issue that had lasted a year. Very attentive, patient and caring about your well being. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Richard Cuomo

I was referred to Marie about 3 years ago due to severe back problems.  I absolutely did not want surgery.  I had never been to an acupuncturist before.  Marie is such a wonderful person on so many levels — she is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable on Chinese medicine and so many anxiety reducing disciplines.  She has changed my life and my well being enormously.  I was so open to change and she was there for me.  In addition, I had suffered with chronic sinus problems and infections since my 30’s – I had surgery and have seen countless ENT doctors and allergists for this problem.  With a few treatments, the sinus problems have gone away.  I continue to see Marie to this day as every visit with her enriches my life.  We have been able to contain my back issues, and my anxiety.  I wholeheartedly recommend her with no reservations! Merle Weintraub

I have been seeing Marie for a year and a half.She is very thorough and attends to my needs. In this time frame, she has helped me overcome a chronic condition and I have lost 30 lbs, of which I have maintained. I highly recommend Marie! John M.

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