I started seeing Marie in September 2015 after years of suffering with sinus infections, head colds & breathing issues. In a very short period of time, Marie was able to help address those issues through acupuncture, Chinese medicine and recommended changes in my diet - especially in cutting down dairy! Don't give up on finding answers to your medical issues - see Marie!  Vincent Giacalone
Vincent Giacalone
I have been seeing Marie for a year and a half. She is very thorough and attends to my needs. In this time frame, she has helped me overcome a chronic condition and I have lost 30 lbs, of which I have maintained. I highly recommend Marie! - J. Murray
John M
I was referred to Marie about 3 years ago due to severe back problems. I absolutely did not want surgery. I had never been to an acupuncturist before. Marie is such a wonderful person on so many levels -- she is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable on Chinese medicine and so many anxiety reducing disciplines. She has changed my life and my well being enormously. I was so open to change and she was there for me. In addition, I had suffered with chronic sinus problems and infections since my 30's - I had surgery and have seen countless ENT doctors and allergists for this problem. With a few treatments, the sinus problems have gone away. I continue to see Marie to this day as every visit with her enriches my life. We have been able to contain my back issues, and my anxiety. I wholeheartedly recommend her with no reservations! - Merle Weintraub
Merle W.
Marie is intuitive, extremely well rounded in  knowledge  of  healing, nutrition, and spiritual  too;   i'm  sleeping better, calmer head AND  my wife notices positive change....  that in and of itself is  enough !   J.L.
Jon L
I met Marie in 2015 in Long Island, NY at an event called the Navel Fair. I was introduced to acupuncture through her although I had been thinking about it for some time. I am glad that I chose Marie. Her sessions are relaxed and unhurried, she is always willing to explain the treatment and to answer questions. I find it quite interesting. She told me that she has a desire to continue learning and I feel that her clients benefit from it. I will sum up by saying that I feel very "cared for" while working with Marie. C.F.
I went to Marie when I sprained my knee ligament.  Everything I did was painful from standing to walking. Marie took time with me to not only address my knee pain but accessed my overall health.   After the first session, I noticed a dramatic lessening of pain as I went up and down stairs. I continued with more treatments. With each treatment, my mobility was much better and less and less pain. I am grateful to have found Marie. I highly recommend her.     -  Lori Klein, Intuitive energy healer
Lori Klein
I know Marie since 2013. Being in her presence, one feels a sense of calm. Her approach is very gentle and warm, she has a genuine concern for her clients, and she understands and works with your thoughts and concerns as a patient.  I initially saw her for neck trauma issues, but as Marie is both very comprehensive and intuitive, I felt comfortable sharing about more ailments.  As a result, I was also helped with sinus/migraine headaches, and feminine concerns that involved a cycle of problems relating to anemia. All were helped a great deal.  And I know Marie for having helped me with more than one approach: acupuncture; she also used craniosacral techniques, moxibustion (applying heat in acupuncture for improved circulation), and cupping to treat me. She is also an avid believer in what part emotions and diet/nutrition play for helping or hindering our body’s many functions and healing. I am so grateful! - M.C.
Marie is a healer! I was skeptical about alternative medicine, but after powerful medications prescribed by my doctors didn't help much in alleviate my spine related neuropathy, I reluctantly agreed to make my first appointment. Several weeks later my condition improved significantly together with my general wellbeing and with increased awareness to the emotional root causes of my pain. I found that I no longer needed to carry anxiety medication. Marie combines multiple modalities she is highly skilled in, with great dedication and sensitivity to a patient's whole.  

Marie is a healer in the true sense of the word. I was in excruciating pain with a swollen knee and ankle when I first went to her. This in addition to bone deep fatigue so that I found getting out of bed a chore. I felt that the feeling would stay with me for the rest of my life! After two sessions of acupuncture with Marie, the swelling in the knee completely disappeared and the ankle felt much better. Marie not only treated the pain but worked with with me to treat the underlying cause of my depression with acupuncture, good old-fashioned talk therapy, and herbs, so that now I feel rejuvenated and no longer feel like staying in bed all day. I recommend her to anyone who has given up on feeling good!

Ragini S.
I came to Marie suffering long-standing back pain. in the course of treatments I realized the important role that stress, both psychological and physical were playing in my symptoms. Marie’s acupuncture treatments helped me release much of the stress and resulted in marked improvement in my symptoms. Marie put me on a path to healing and better self-care.
H. E.