Maximize your immune system before Flu Season

Acupuncture to strengthen immunity

by Rev. Marie Regis, M.S., L.Ac.


The best way to increase immunity is to improve metabolic health and lower stress levels

What is metabolic health? 

Mainstream medicine defines it as the absence of Metabolic Syndrome. 5 key factors are your blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and waist circumference. If 3 of these 5 factors are above or below “normal” range, you have “Metabolic syndrome”; this puts you more at risk for type 2 Diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. We now know that you’re also at greater risk of serious complications, even death from Covid if you have Metabolic syndrome.

Chinese medicine raises the bar in their definition of Metabolic Health. You might be surprised to know that having an appetite for breakfast is one of several defining factors in healthy metabolism. Metabolic health and immunity are intrinsically linked, and consists mainly of:

  • A healthy digestive system
  • Endocrine and hormonal balance
  • A healthy respiratory system

Acupuncture, along with healthy lifestyle can improve function in digestive, endocrine and respiratory systems.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means:

  1. Healthy digestive system
  • Signs of chronic digestive deficiencies include
    • Lack of appetite, especially in the morning
    • Bloating or gas,
    • Fatigue after eating or general fatigue
    • Loose stools
    • Foggy mind, difficulty concentrating
    • Lack of sense of taste
    • Legs feel heavy or weak
  1. Endocrine and hormonal balance
  • Signs of imbalance include:
    • Overactive or underactive thyroid
    • Mood swings
    • Difficulty sleeping through the night
    • Night sweats and hot flashes
    • Infertility and irregular menstruation
    • Chronic lower back weakness or pain
  1. Healthy respiratory system
  • Signs of weakness include:
    • Fatigue upon exertion, easily out of breath.
    • Shallow breathing
    • Chronic cough
    • Weak voice
    • Lack of sense of smell
    • Chronic allergies or sinus congestion


Acupuncture can support the function of any internal organ system. This has proven true in my 15 years of clinical experience, though the degree of success varies from patient to patient. Your willingness to commit to a healthier lifestyle (willingness to change) is key. According to the Chinese newspaper Xin Hua Net, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine have proven effective against the Coronavirus. Read more at

How it works:

Here’s how it works: Acupuncture supports the energy grid that underlies the biochemistry of the body. It can increase the flow of energy to particular organ systems, decrease inflammation, and help unblock areas of poor circulation. As it regulates the flow of Qi, or life force, lymph and blood circulation improve; chronic pain subsides, and seemingly unrelated physical problems often resolve.  Clients suffering from Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder get significant reduction of their symptoms with Acupuncture. The United States Army has been treating soldiers for PTSD with Acupuncture with excellent results. Emotions are intrinsically linked to the physiology; that’s why acupuncture helps lower stress even if that is not the primary focus of the treatment.

In my practice, listening closely to your concerns and helping you make better lifestyle choices is central to my success in helping patients’ making lasting positive change and resolve chronic health issues. I also teach simple meditation techniques that can be profoundly calming and centering.

Please call me for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to see if Acupuncture is right for you Call 516-455-2206 today!

5 Animal Qi Gong Series starts August 12th 2020 with Rev. Marie Regis, L.Ac.

This system can support the immune system, and help us be more grounded, calm and serene; it also will build muscle strength and flexibility, and improve balance. The movements, hand positions and sounds reflect the qualities of each animal. We‘ll experience the strength of the bear, the ferocity of the tiger, the suppleness of the deer, the agility of the monkey, and the elusiveness of the crane. This ancient exercise is attributed to Hua To, a famous Chinese physician from the Han Dynasty (3rd century A.D.). Marie learned this practice from MasterJeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist Priest Marie has been studying with for over 16 years.

WHEN: Six consecutive Wednesdays from 10-11:15 AM starting August 12th

WHERE: On Zoom

FEE: $90 for the series


To sign up please email or call 516.455.2206 and Marie will send you the Zoom invitation the day before the first class. Payment for the series will be due by August 17th via Paypal.

Inner Wisdom Meditation Series: July 9th- 30th

With Rev. Marie Regis, L.Ac.

In this time of uncertainty, many of us are experiencing anxiety, frustration, restlessness and/or fear. We are invited to examine what we value most, and what we want to create moving forward. Resisting change is not a good option, with the sea of change that is occurring in our work, home and community. 

So we are left with the questions:

What gives meaning to my life now?

What am I hoping for?

What do I want to change or release?


We all have access to an Inner Guidance system which we can use as a resource to illuminate our path. As we calm our mind and ask a question, we can see what is possible and how to move forward. After the group meditation, each participant will have the opportunity to share their experience if they so choose.

WHEN: Four consecutive Wednesdays, starting July 9th from 7:30-9:00 pm


FEE: $80 for all four sessions or $25 per session, payable to Marie Regis via Paypal

TO SIGN UP: Please email me at, and I will send you the Paypal link along with the Zoom link.

Rev. Marie Regis. M.S., L.Ac. has studied clinical meditation and imagery with Richard and Bonnie Schaub, founders of the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center. She is a student of Master Jeffrey Yuen for over 15 years. Master Yuen is an 88th generation Daoist Priest, and an internationally renowned scholar in Classical Chinese Medicine. Marie has been practicing and teaching various forms of Meditation and Qi gong
for over 25 years

Virtual Health Consultations offered in response to the current pandemic

Every acupuncture session begins with a health consultation, where we discuss progress and new issues that come up for the client. Even mild symptoms can be very significant diagnostically, as they inform us of the underlying pattern of disharmony to be addressed. This is followed by a clinical observation of your symptoms, some of which can be detected visually via zoom, and diagnosis of the problem. At this very special time, if in person treatment is not possible, I am offering Lifestyle Counseling and Self Care recommendations to lower stress, regulate your physiology and enhance your immune system. This can include:

  • ACUPRESSURE: alone or combined with essential oils application on points
  • ESSENTIAL OIL recommendations for diffusing
  • EXERCISE: including specific Qi Gong and breathing practices to regulate the energy system

The quickest way to reach me is by calling 516-455-2206. You can also reach me via email at

I wish you and your loved ones Peace and Health in the weeks and months to come!

Blessings, Marie

Chinese herbal medicine is being used in China to treat Covid-19

by Marie Regis, L.Ac.

Chinese medicine has centuries-old protocols for treating epidemics including viruses; this includes sophisticated herbal formulations and acupuncture. In Chinese hospitals, patients are being offered Chinese herbs as a primary treatment for Covid-19, at all stages of the illness, often supplemented with Western treatment, with great success. This news should be printed on the front page of our major newspapers. Please read more here:

Covid-19: Protecting ourselves and our communities

Safety in community

The current state of panic is being fueled by an irresponsible and sensationalist media. Panic directly and quickly weakens immune response. In the words of Epidemiologist Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, MD (facebook post dated 3/5/20) , let’s return to talking reasonable precautions, lowering our stress levels and being there for each other and our communities. This will go a long way in maximizing our health and immunity. The following are important preventative measures we can take to increase our likelihood of staying healthy:

  1. CREATING STRONG VITAL ENERGY / QI: In Chinese medicine, the ability to fight and expel pathogens is based on strong Qi (Vital energy) . This is dependent on a few things:
  • Having sufficient quantity and quality of Blood (including red and white blood cells, adequate nutrients including minerals) 
  • A strong digestive system is the basis of a strong immune system; it insures we can actually be nourished by the foods we eat (assimilation). 
  • Having strong lungs to directly support Qi.
  • Adequate quality and quantity of sleep
  • Regular exercise
  • Low toxicity levels in the body. Toxicity includes an overabundance of parasitic microbes such as yeasts, harmful bacteria and protozoans.


  • Poor diet weakens digestion: irregular eating schedule, eating too much raw or canned foods, cold or raw foods, too much or too little protein, late night eating, eating in front of the TV or while reading, etc…
  • Regular or excessive intake of alcohol and other drugs, smoking. Alcohol is used in Chinese herbology to warm and speed the flow of blood circulation. It also will bring harmful bacteria and viruses deeper into the body, thereby making colds and flu symptoms worse. The “heat” from the alcohol adds to the “heat” of bacterial infections. Normally, the body will try to clear infections outwards via urination and sweating. But in this case the alcohol directs the harmful pathogens to deeper organs: ie: Liver and Spleen. Also the SUGAR from alcohol would make any infection spread more quickly
  • Chronic stress will dramatically weaken immunity. When we are in the fight or flight response (angry or scared), the immune system automatically shuts down. Prolonged stress can have long term consequences, lowering immune response and making us vulnerable to opportunistic infections and even chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer.
  • Fatigue from chronic lack of sleep or poor quality sleep.


  • Reduce stress: 
    • Have a daily meditation program. There are several excellent meditation Apps out there including the popular “Headspace” with many choices of guided meditations. I have regular meditation groups Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings which are now meeting on Zoom.
    • Exercise daily: walking outdoors especially in this beautiful spring weather will help lower stress. Also, Yoga, T’ai chi or Qi gong practices can quickly change your state of mind
    • Don’t engage with people who always see the glass as half-empty. Surround yourself with people who inspire and uplift you.
  • Eat fresh foods, and avoid raw and cold foods as much as possible
  • Get to bed early and allow yourself to have at least 8 hours of quality sleep
  • If needed, get a few acupuncture treatments to maximize your immune system, lower your stress and help with sleep
  • Trust your body; it was designed to protect you!.

Although my clinic is open, I am also offering Zoom health consultations; this can provide you with a Chinese medical evaluation of your state of health and immunity based on your symptoms, history, tongue diagnosis, life style factors, etc., and a detailed plan to support health and well-being. This can include dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal and essential oil recommendations, meditation and mindfulness practices to lower stress.

Take the best care, and stay safe!

Peace, Marie

A Holistic Approach to Anxiety and Insomnia, with Rev. Marie Regis, M.S., L.Ac.

Spring is a time for New Beginnings. Quality sleep is a pre-requisite to feeling our best. I hope you’ll join me as we explore approaches to reducing anxiety and tension during the day so you can rest peacefully. Understand what’s causing you to wake up at night and how you can change that pattern. Learn EASY meditation, acupressure and mindfulness tools so you can finally LET GO and fully enjoy life!

WHEN: Wednesday March 18th at 7:00 pm

WHERE: Great Neck House, 14 Arrandale Ave, Great Neck NY 11024

I hope to see you there!

Peace, Marie

Learn to resolve acid reflux naturally!

with Marie Regis, M.S., L..Ac.

A Natural Approach to Resolving Acid Reflux & Heartburn

Acid reflux can have serious health consequences over time and medications can be problematic.  Learn natural ways to reduce discomfort and restore digestive health: these include acupressure, stress reduction, herbal and dietary recommendations based on Chinese medicine. You may choose from either of the two dates below. Discover how you can feel at your best again!

WHERE:  Port Washington High School (Weber), Port Washington NY 11050

WHEN:  Tuesday, October 22nd from 7:30 to 9:00 pm

        And Tuesday November 19th from 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Online catalog and registration instructions can be found at:

Or call 516-767-5023 for more information.

I look forward to helping you develop your own tool kit for digestive health and feel great!

Blessings,  Marie

Acupuncture for Allergies: How it works

automn allergy season

Symptoms and Western treatment:

Hayfever or allergic rhinitis refers to a complex of symptoms characterized by sneezing nasal congestion or discharge, itching, and often conjunctivitis and pharyngitis in response to air-born allergens…Symptoms can include itching of the nose, roof of the mouth, throat and eyes. Commonly these are accompanied by tearing, sneezing, and clear nasal discharge. There may also be frontal headache and irritability. More severe conditions may include coughing or wheezing. Western treatment usually involves taking antihistamines. Glucocorticoids and corticosteroids may be prescribed if the antihistamines are ineffective. These treatments aim to suppress the symptoms. Desensitization treatment is the next step if patients don’t respond well to the the above drugs.

Chinese medicine’s approach

Factors that predispose people to allergies

All patients with this condition are considered to have deep-lying, hidden phlegm in their lungs; this causes the body to react strongly to allergens. They also have chronic immune system deficiencies, which are often caused by poor diet. People who regularly eat sugar or an excess of high glycemic foods, daily large salads or other raw foods, cold drinks, and dairy are likely to develop seasonal allergies. A history of frequent antibiotic use also tends to depress the immune system and lead to hidden phlegm, leading to allergies.

Treatment with acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Before deciding on a course of treatment the clinician takes a detailed history, and examines the patient, according to Asian traditional methods. This often includes palpation of key areas of the body, pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis provides much more than pulse rate: it gives an indication of the function and relative strength or weakness of 12 major organs of the body, and the state of the humors (fluids, blood and Qi). It can also show how well the organs are working together.

  • Acute phase: This is when the patient has full blown allergy symptoms as described above. Treatment approach is similar to treatment of a common cold; we use acupuncture points that support the immune system, open the sinuses to encourage full release of the phlegm, and prevent the cold from going deeper or developing into sinusitis. If there is a head-ache we treat that as well.
  • Chronic phase: Here the patient has mild (ie: chronic post nasal drip) or no sinus symptoms, but feels quite tired, may have poor appetite and digestion. They may be highly susceptible to catching colds, have pale facial complexion, possibly cold hands and feet or sweat too easily during the day. These are signs of a weakened immune system. The treatment focus is to strengthen the Qi or vital energy to support the immune system; we mainly focus on strengthening the lung and digestive energy to strengthen the body. Moxibustion, the application of heat on some needles, can help warm the body if necessary. After several treatments, the patient will usually develop an acute phase of allergy symptoms; this is a sign that the immune system is working better. We then treat the acute symptoms. It is possible to heal allergic rhinitis, although it is usually not a “quick fix”, especially if one has had allergies for a number of years. I often prescribe specific herbal remedies to be taken as a tea or in pill form to support this process.

Essential oils as a treatment for allergies

Essential oils are a product of the distillation of plants; they are highly concentrated and are an effective alternative to herbal teas for people who are hesitant to use herbs. I frequently make custom essential oil blends for patients suffering from allergies or upper respiratory infections. I prescribe acupuncture point protocols that match the properties of the formulations. Essential oil blends typically include 3 to 4 oils which work synergistically to support healing. The oils are applied to these points typically three times daily for best results. This is a powerful adjunct to acupuncture.

Please call Marie for a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment: 516-455-2206

New meditation series: Stay calm in times of change

Staying calm in times of change

These are challenging times. In Meditation, we find a place of stillness so we can reduce stress and stay calm within the storm. Join us as we explore this inner sanctuary and meet our lives with a renewed sense of calm and confidence.

WHEN: Three consecutive Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9 pm, starting August 28th 2019

WHERE: Marie’s office: 14 Vanderventer Ave, Suite L3C, Port Washington NY 11050

FEE: $25 per evening session or $60 for 3 classes, payable on first evening.   Pease call or text Marie to register: 516-455-2206