Opening to New Possibilities: An evening of reflection and letting go

With Marie Regis, L.Ac.




“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” 

 C.S. Lewis

“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson”

The Dalai Lama

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This Saturday’s New Moon is an especially powerful time for personal transformation and intention work. According to Judith Star-Medicine’s latest blog post (see link below).  It brings “Increased optimism and a willingness to trust the self and the Universe” and “embrace the limitless possiblities of the void”. 

Marie will lead a guided meditation. There will be an opportunity to write down and then burn what we want to release so we may open to new possibilities. This will be followed by a celebratory potluck dinner and chimney fire.

MEDITATION: 6:30 – 7:15 pm


ADDRESS: 22A Arrandale Ave, Great Neck NY 11024

Space is limited. Please register as soon as possible via phone 516-455-2206 or email. 

Please park on the street, and walk up the driveway to the cottage behind the larger house.

Please arrive either before 6:30 pm or after 7:30 pm so as not to interrupt the meditation. Thank you!

I look forward to sharing this powerful time with you!

Link to Judith’s Blog: THE JANUARY NEW MOON 01/09/2016


Qi Gong for Breast Health: with Marie Regis, L.Ac.

“All things in life are dedicated to the purpose of expanding awareness.
One never discards a portion of oneself. One merely transforms it into Light until the entire being is light.”  
Emmanuel’s Book: compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton
 Taiji (Tai Chi). An full sized hand drawn illustration
Learn a set of 7 non-strenuous exercises that support women’s health, reduce stress and support blood flow in the chest, breasts and arms. Some women have reported that tumors and cysts in the breast area have reduced in size or disappeared with regular practice. The whole practice can be done in 35 min, and is based on the same meridian theory used in acupuncture. DVD’s of this practice will be available for purchase (optional). These exercises were developed by Qi Gong Master Nan Lu, OMD, L.Ac., founder of the TCM World Foundation in NYC. Marie has trained there and been given permission to teach this system.

WHERE: 29 Barstow Rd., Ste 201, Great Neck NY 11021
WHEN: Sunday Dec. 6th from 10 a.m. to 12:00.
FEE:  $15.00
Please register by answering this email or calling Marie at 516-455-2206.

Anxiety-free without medication: Regulating the biochemistry by restoring the biofield

A talk by Marie Regis, M.S., L.Ac

WHERE: At the NAVEL Expo, Huntington Hilton, 598 Broad Hollow Rd.  Melville NY

WHEN: Sunday Nov. 8th 2015 at 11:00 a.m.

In its 4,000 year history, Chinese medicine has developed a highly sophisticated theory of the relationship between organ function and emotional/mental health. In particular, today’s science is supporting the view that a healthy digestive system is central to healthy brain chemistry and adrenal health. In this lecture, Marie explains the theory behind this work, and shares dramatic stories of recovery in clients who suffered from chronic anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and depression from the mind-body approach provided by acupuncture.

Entry fee to Expo $20. A limited number of free tickets to the expo are still available. Please call Marie  516-455-2206


A Natural Approach to Anxiety and Insomnia, with Marie Regis, L.Ac.

Stones pyramid on sand symbolizing zen, harmony, balanceClassical Acupuncture quickly and powerfully alters the brain biochemistry; it can help reduce chronic anxiety, improve sleep quality, and even affect the quality of our dreams. In this brief talk, Marie shares dramatic stories of clients ‘ transformative experiences, and introduces some of Asian medicine’s view of the  mind-body connection.

WHERE: The Serenity and Wellness Expo  (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

THE UPSKY HOTEL, 110 Motor Parkway, Hauppaugue, NY 11788

WHEN: Sunday October 11th from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m.

There is a $5.00 admission to the Expo. The lecture is Free.

Aroma-massage : Reduce stress naturally

Couple having a spa treatment

Essential oils are known to have a powerful effect on the psyche. Learn how to combine the therapeutic action of specific essential oils with acupressure points to reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep. Each participant will learn to find points on themselves. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.

When: Friday October 16th  6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Where: The People’s Barn,   Greensborough VT


Suggested donation $15

“Soothing the Hungry Heart” at the Healthy Eating Support Group

“I want to blossom. I don’t want to stay closed anywhere, because where I am closed, I am lying”

Rainer Maria Rilke

People who attended the first meeting loved it so much they have asked to make this a monthly event. Next Healthy Eating support group meets on Sunday Sep 20th from 10 -11:15 am. The theme is “Strategies for soothing the hungry heart”. I invited Amiel Cohen, A.C.C., Certified Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach, to share his personal dramatic story of recovery from addictive eating, and strategies he has found useful.

Where: Adolescent and Young Adult medicine of Great Neck, 29 Barstow Rd, Suite 201, Great Neck

Newcomers are welcome to attend just one meeting or ongoing meetings, It’s up to you! I look forward to sharing this time with you.

Suggested donation $15. Space is limited; please call Marie at 516.455.2206 to register


Grounding meditation with Marie Regis, M.S., L.Ac.


This guided meditation will bring you in touch with your body and help you feel more grounded and relaxed in your day to day life. Being grounded helps us set healthy boundaries with the people in our lives, and be less reactive in stressful situations. Based on the work of Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, and her book “Full Body Presence”.

THURSDAY AUG 6th, 7:00 pm


Please note: Please park on the street and walk up the driveway to the cottage behind the larger house


Healthy Weight Loss: a Free Lecture with Marie Regis, M.S., L.Ac.

WHERE: 29 Barstow Rd., Suite 201, Great Neck NY 11021 

WHEN:    Sunday August 2nd from 10-11:30 a.m. 

What if weight loss was about coming back to the joy of feeling well, refreshed, full of life? I invite you to discover a new way of seeing what to many of us has seemed like an impossible challenge. Learn how to eat satisfying meals and still lose weight effortlessly. Gain a new appreciation for food; for the gift of change and of feeling light and clear. I hope you’ll join us for this informative talk based on Chinese dietary therapy.

MICROWAVES: Still Dangerous to your Health!

Several studies suggest that that foods are altered on the molecular level as a result of microwave cooking. This has been called the “microwave effect.” Many still argue that the microwave effect is a myth, but a several studies have come out supporting this theory. Most notably, a study released by Penn State University in 2001 stated that conventional and microwave heating produce very different changes at the molecular level. The study also referenced a 1995 study which demonstrated that microwaves, unlike other heating devices – can destroy viral DNA. Another study conducted in 2003 examined broccoli prepared in the microwave and found that it had lost 97% of its valuable antioxidant content.

Our modern world is dominated by processed food, and most of the fresh produce we do eat is grown in heavily depleted soil. To most of us, eating completely raw is definitely not enticing, so opting for the best possible cooking method is important. Light steaming, stir-frying in a high quality oil or simmering in a soup or stew are healthy alternatives. Cooking vegetables just enough to soften the fibrous outer covering of the vegetable to make it digestible, and no more, preserves much of the vital nutrients of the food. Many people choose to eat a lot of their vegetables raw. Traditional Cultures and Chinese medicine in particular consider this an unhealthy habit as it tends to weaken the digestive system and lower metabolism. This can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

Container Chemicals & Food Fats Leak Into Your Food

We’re all familiar with the “Microwave Safe” label found many food containers, but this label is  misleading. Despite what many people think, it only means they can be used in a microwave without melting or starting a fire. In fact,  numerous toxic chemicals can leak into your food when heated in a microwave. Chemicals such as polyethylene terpthalate (PET), benzene, toluene, xylene, the now well-known BPA, and even its so called safer alternative BPS. Many of these chemicals have estrogen-like effects on women’s bodies (thereby putting some women at greater risk for breast cancer). Some can affect brain development, or contribute to diabetes, prostate disease, and more. The microwaving of fatty foods in “microwave safe” plastic containers can cause the release of
the known carcinogen dioxins. Glass storage containers are a better alternative and a worthy investment.

Even A New & Safety Inspected Microwave Can Leak Radiation

Microwave manufacturers , thankfully have put into practice higher safety standards in the newest microwave ovens. Thanks to their hard work, some previous concerns have been rectified, however there still is still some exposure, especially when standing within a certain radius of the appliance when in use. Even a new, perfectly functioning microwave can expose us to up to 400 milliGauss of unwanted radiation. To put that into perspective, exposure to a mere 4 milliGauss has been linked to leukemia. Steering clear of microwaves when in use is certainly advisable for all but is particularly critical to pregnant women and children.

Acupressure for Headaches and Allergies: with Marie Regis, L.Ac.

Like acupuncture, acupressure can be very helpful for those of us who suffer from allergies or headaches, two often related problems. Learn reflex points in the hands and feet, face, and back can help reduce symptoms and melt away stress. Marie will also discuss the value of using certain essential oils in combination with acupressure to support the immune system and open the sinuses. Learn tools to help yourself and enjoy the wonder of the outdoors this year!

WHERE:  Calliope Fitness & Arts on the Pier

20 Lumber Rd., Suite B-1, Roslyn NY

WHEN:  Thursday July 2nd from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.

Please contact Rhonda at Calliope Fitness to register 516-472-7255